7 ways to breathe new life into your bathroom and kitchen … using vinyl wallpaper

Vinyl wallpaper that is so widespread in France deserves more attention in Estonia as well. It is an easy way to make the kitchen and the bathroom look jovial and exciting. Vinyl wallpaper has rightly become one of the key design elements of today, according to the specialists from Scandinavia wallpaper showroom.

Vinyl wallpaper, as the name suggests, is covered with a tough layer of vinyl, which allows the material withstand moisture, water splatter and cleaning with a brush. That is why this wallpaper is especially suitable for kitchens and bathrooms. In Scandinavia wallpaper showroom, which has been operating in Tallinn for almost 20 years, you can browse around fifty catalogs of wallpaper samples –a total of a thousand! – from French manufacturers CASADECO and CASELIO.

Valikud on väga erinevad – alates linnukestest oksal ning lõpetades roosa lillemustri ja vanade kapiuste imitatsiooniga.  Kõige trendikamad ongi tänapäeval vinüültapeedid, mis imiteerivad kahhelplaate,  värvitud või krohvitud seinu, aga ka metalli ja  nahka.

The options vary widely – from little birds perched on a branch to a pink flower pattern and an imitation of old cabinet doors. The trendiest at the moment is vinyl wallpaper that imitates ceramic tiles, painted or plastered walls, as well as metal and leather.

There is a trend in Europe where vinyl wallpaper is used to cover just one wall, rather than the whole room, for example. This gives the room a fresh look. For ideas on how to play around with wallpaper in a space, turn to catalogs.

Scandinavia showroom interior design consultant Meeli Int explains that application is easy. This is modern fleece-based wallpaper that no longer needs to be smeared with glue. The adhesive is actually applied to the wall, so there is no need to empty half the room when applying wallpaper. The best surface for vinyl wallpaper is a smooth painted wall. If the glue used and the application method are correct, then removing the wallpaper down the line will be easy too.

However, one must bear in mind that this is not so-called breathing wallpaper. Therefore, it is not recommended to use this wallpaper in wooden houses where the walls need to breathe. Similarly, bathrooms and kitchens where the vinyl wallpaper is to be applied should have proper ventilation and fresh air access. Also, vinyl wallpaper is not designed for applying it directly around the bath or in the shower corner.

When it comes to prices and material cost, the price per roll of vinyl wallpaper lands somewhere in the region of 40 euros. In the case of patterned wallpaper, on average, one wallpaper roll yields three sheets. This means that one roll covers 1,59 meters of a wall from the ground to ceiling.

Those who are not confident in their own skills can order installation. However, since the application process has become considerably simpler compared to the past, anyone can easily do it on their own. When ordering vinyl wallpaper, one thing to take into account is that, once the order is placed, the time it takes for the wallpaper to arrive from France is on average three weeks.

Here are 7 examples of how vinyl wallpaper can set the mood in your home.