Aunman kitchen furniture inaugurated in Anni Arro’s new cooking studio

We like people who are willing and able to create something out of nothing. Come up with things. Pick out some old worn things and give them a new life. 

In place of Anni Arro’s new cooking studio used to be large nearly 80-square-metre garage. Now it has become a great place to enjoy cooking and dining: floor to ceiling windows, a grand dining table, and an ample kitchen island. For anyone who gets carried away with cooking, there is even a shower room. The location is, of course, wonderful too – a private courtyard of a Toompuiestee house, in Kassisaba area of Tallinn. We are proud to say that the studio kitchen furniture was manufactured by Aunman’s best craftsmen.

Anni’s kitchen furniture was manufactured by Aunman craftsmen

Those who really enjoy good food can gather friends or colleagues together and put their skills to a test under Anni Arro’s guidance.

Anyone who has read the Sepamaa cookbooks knows that Anni appreciates clean and clear flavours. And that one of her secret passions is Italy. A group of journalists and interior designers got to find that out for themselves, when they visited the new cooking studio at Anni and Aunman’s invitation in the days before Jaanipäev. Bruschetta, anchovies, tomatoes, and cheeses formed truly delicious flavour combinations. The event culminated with Nadja’s famous cakes, which were, undoubtedly, to die for.

Nadja’s cakes to die for!

Of course, we were pleased to hear how please Anni was with our kitchen furniture. It was a real challenge for us to manufacture a professional kitchen that met all of Anni’s expectations. First of all, it had to be of high quality, durable and easy to maintain. At the same time, it was supposed to look like a lovely homely kitchen. So that our interior designer Irene Press and the engineers often had to find solutions that were out of the ordinary. For example, the kitchen sinks are pressed into the stainless steel worktops. Or the shelves which had to be fixed to the ceiling for health and safety reasons.

Shelves fixed to the ceiling for health and safety reasons.

But as we have said before, bespoke solutions are Aunman’s bread and butter. For us, this was a great and valuable collaboration, thanks to which we can now offer even more clever solutions to our customers.

We wish Anni lots of precious moments in her new kitchen!