Aunman showroom visited by the popular TV show „Modnoje Utro“

Were you enjoying the cold and snow outdoors and ended up missing the episode of “Modnoje Utro” where the team together with host Alina Privalova visited our showroom? Fortunately, you can catch-up on this TV clip on our website.

As a matter of fact, „Modnoje Utro“ is a popular TV3+ show for the whole family that is on Saturday mornings. The viewers are introduced to a contemporary world of fashion, beauty, design, and health.

Aunman´s Designer and Adviser Olga Stotskaja walked the viewers through the display on the two floors of our showroom, which, thanks to the rich selection of materials and special solutions, can satisfy the most demanding of tastes. The viewers saw, among other things, new wardrobe solutions, where hangers can be comfortably pulled out from the closet to make the clothes more accessible; as well as the hidden kitchen units that are gaining popularity in homes where the kitchen and living room are open plan. Front panels that discreetly hide kitchen cabinet and appliances slide out of the way and into the sides of the unit when the kitchen is in use.

Aunman´s Designer and Adviser Olga Stotskaja walked the viewers through the display on the two floors of our showroom

The episode featured a multitude of exciting solutions: for example, Blanco mixer taps, which can be pulled out to the side, if you need to open a window or a cabinet behind it. Or the cupboards that one can open with a foot, which is extremely convenient while cooking. Also, a dishwasher that consists of several drawers. For a small number of dishes, one can start a wash cycle in a single section, which is, of course, another small step towards sustainable nature conservation.

Olga demonstrated the dishwasher that consists of several drawers to the viewers

One of the crown jewels of our showroom is the Novy One extractor fan, which glides vertically up from inside the hob, making it 30% more effective at removing odors and steam, compared to conventional solutions. Novy One has recently gained a lot of recognition – first, the prestigious Red Dot Award, as well as an honorable mention by the UK professional periodical Designer Kitchen & Bathroom Magazine.

Novy One extractor fan has recently gained a lot of recognition

Finally, something that even the host Alina Privalova admitted to having seen for the first time: super-light natural stone or concrete-coated door panels. Indeed, the factory that has been operating in Viljandi for more than 12 years, thanks to the latest technology, can handle the most unique materials.

You can find over 100 different materials in the Aunman showroom

So, make yourself comfortable and … welcome to the Aunman showroom!

See the Modnoje Utro TV clip here.