Contemporary yin and yang already in the living room and bathroom, and soon in the kitchen

The hit at this year’s furniture show in Stockholm was a fascinating balance between the material and color choices in upholstered furniture, reports designer Irene Press who visited the Scandinavia’s largest furniture show as well as worked on the interior design of our Aunman showroom.

It is only a matter of time until we see the same trend spreading into kitchen and wardrobe furniture. However, office furniture is dominated by colorful details.

When it comes to living room upholstered furniture, one can clearly feel a 1930s vibe, a touch of art déco, Irene Press says. Similar to the trends in decorative arts of the 1930s, modern furniture has also become airy and has risen fairly high off the floor on metal pipe legs.

The second trend that clearly stood out this year was the combination of technology and soft tones. On the one hand, many sturdy materials, such as metal and stone, are in use. The furniture often incorporates a pipe frame.

Pipe metal legs raise the furniture high off the ground.

On the other hand, soft, bright, warm colors are used as well. So it is an interesting contrast. The choice of materials is reminiscent of the Hollywood golden age.

Currently, this trend is noticeable in the case of upholstered furniture, but I am certain that in a few years’ time we will be seeing the same trend in wardrobe and kitchen furniture.

One can already notice it in bathroom furniture. Once again, tall pipe legs are in use; there is lots of stone, gold, and metal. On the other hand, the tones are soft again. So yin and yang are nicely represented together, everything is in balance.

At the same time, the kind of industrial design that has dominated Estonian interiors for quite a few years now is significantly less popular in Scandinavia now, compared to a few years ago.

What caught your eye in office furniture?

The beauty of details becoming more and more popular in office environments.

One of the key concepts in Stockholm was acoustics. Our office rooms are spacious and the free flow of sound in the room has started to disturb people. One of the most important topics was how to suppress this sound. Sound-isolating lamp shades are often a solution, and offices have seating areas installed, the walls of which are also sound-isolating. The beauty of details is also becoming more and more popular in office environments.

The second trend in office furniture that catches the eye is : details.

These can be either wall decorations or interesting mirror solutions. In a way, it was an innovative approach. Of course, a multitude of accessories have been used in offices before, but they have not been so carefully thought through. They were just some items with auxiliary functions (such as a paper holder in the bathroom), but at this year’s show, a lot of effort was put into details.

So the big picture must be catchy and functional, but the character is given to an office space through small details. These little nuances set the mood.

One reason for this is that homes and offices are becoming more and more minimal in design; there are fewer and fewer items in a room. At the same time, people spend more of their time in the office. And, if in the past it was drivers and farmers who decorated their vehicle interiors with a meaningful token, now it is the IT support worker who wants to do the same.

In its own way, the modern lifestyle was also reflected in a prototype shelving unit placed outside the show venue, which can be used as a moving box. This is exactly what life is like these days – here today, gone tomorrow. The jobs – and also the people themselves – have become very mobile.

Photos: Irene Press

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