Our Irene design kitchens that children bring to life

We are pleased to announce that Pere ja Kodu magazine devoted to a feature to designer Irene Press and her homely kitchen. Irene is a valued partner for Aunman and the person who designed all the kitchens, wardrobes and bathrooms at Aunman showroom. But it does not end there. Many a home boasts exclusive furniture designed by her and manufactured by Aunman.

Irene talks honestly of what she took into account when designing her own kitchen as well as what she would do differently next time. What we find absolutely fantastic is that this article reiterates that Irene’s kitchens are not lifeless monstrosities, as is often portrayed in journals. There is life in Irene’s kitchens. And they are kid-friendly too. Because when parents want to have that Sunday lie-in, why should kids not be able to greet them with a little breakfast?

Big thank you to Pere ja Kodu magazine and Ulvi Tüllinen, who wrote up Irene’s advice to share it with families across the country!

Photos: Vahur Pormeister

Read the full article about Irene:  Pere ja Kodu 2018