Second show apartment in Merko’s Pikaliiva Quarter also fitted with Aunman furniture

Another milestone has been reached in the partnership between Estonia’s foremost property developer Merko and premium furniture manufacturer Aunman: a second show apartment has been completed in the Pikaliiva Quarter development. Like the first show apartment, this new addition has also been fitted with made-to-order Aunman furniture.

2nd Pikaliiva Quarter show apartment. Photo: Katrin Uusoja

In contrast to the first apartment, designer Maarja Mets has created a neo-Scandinavian atmosphere in the second apartment, characterised by clean lines, round forms and details and minimalist placement. “I used neutral colours and materials – light cream tones like white and beige and taupe, offset by dark brown and the reddish-brown that’s very much on trend at the moment,” she explains. “The whole spectrum is tied together using black details and the furniture I’ve chosen.”

Aunman kitchen furniture. Photo: Katrin Uusoja

Made-to-order Aunman bathroom furniture and entryway wardrobe. Photo: Katrin Uusoja

The specially commissioned furniture made by Aunman forms a single whole throughout the apartment. Manufactured from the same materials, the furniture adopts a uniform style in the kitchen, bathroom and entryway, as well as in the wardrobe in the bedroom and the TV wall in the living room. Mets reveals why she opted for matte-white furniture boards and natural oak veneer: “White cupboards keep everything looking clean and minimalist,” she says. “And the way I see it, there’s no such thing as cosy living if there’s no wood involved. It’s long been valued in interior design for its natural beauty and warm aesthetic qualities.”

Specially commissioned Aunman living room furniture. Photo: Katrin Uusoja

Aunman bedroom wardrobe with hinged doors. Photo: Katrin Uusoja

Adding some spark to the look of the apartment is engineered marble, which has been used for the work surface and back wall in the kitchen and for the work surface in the laundry. It is also represented in the bedroom and living room in the table lamps.

“The idea behind the brown marble was to add an accent to the lighter colours and to get the white and timber surfaces to play off one another,” Mets says. “Brown marble may seem an unusual choice, but it’s a tone that’s growing in popularity all the time.”


Brown marble is growing in popularity all the time. Photo: Katrin Uusoja

Photo: Katrin Uusoja

Made-to-order Aunman hallway wardrobe. Photo: Katrin Uusoja

Mets says that Aunman’s working style is characterised by ease. “Everything’s always gone very smoothly with them,” she says. “The team’s always available when you need to talk to them, everyone chips in with their ideas, information moves fast and installation is prompt. They know how to talk to their clients.”

Production Manager Andreas Aun describes specially commissioned pieces as the company’s bread and butter: every shelf, every cupboard is made to the height, width and depth requested by the client. This is made possible thanks to the high-tech German machinery and sustainable production technology the company uses.

“When you’re working with natural oak veneer, it’s always a challenge to get the pattern of the wood to match precisely,” he explains. “But I can assure whoever buys the show apartment that they’ll be more than happy with the job our craftsmen have done! Every side of every detail is edge-banded using innovative PUR technology, so our furniture is completely resistant to water droplets and to moisture in general – even those bits of it that the client never really sees. That’s why we’re able to give our pieces a five-year warranty. And we use enormously durable door hinges and drawer systems, so the warranty on them is a whopping 25 years.”

Photo: Katrin Uusoja

Background information:

  • The Pikaliiva Quarter is in a naturally beautiful part of Tallinn close to Lake Harku and Rocca al Mare shopping centre. Set back from major roads, the residential area is being developed by Merko.Over five stages, a total of 10 four-storey apartment buildings will be erected on the site. Everyone who purchases an apartment in the Pikaliiva Quarter is being offered a 15% discount on Aunman furniture.

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  • Merko Ehitus Estonia forms part of the biggest construction group in the Baltic States, AS Merko Ehitus, whose shares have been listed on the NASDAQ Tallinn stock exchange since 1997. The group employs almost 800 people in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Norway.

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  • Aunman is the premium brand of the Viljandi-based furniture manufacturer Baltest and specialises in made-to-order pieces. Baltest is a family-run company which has been operating for 15 years. It has become one of the biggest manufacturers of kitchen, bathroom and entryway furniture in Estonia. The company employs 50 people. Furniture bearing the Baltest and Aunman names can be found in more than 10,000 homes in Estonia, Finland and Sweden, and soon even further afield, with the company’s most exotic client being a hotel in Asia for which it is currently making special-order furniture. Aunman’s showroom is on Pärnu Highway in Tallinn.

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Additional information:

Maarja Mets | Designer

Mobile: +372 5345 3791


Andreas Aun | Aunman Production Manager

Mobile: +372 5568 3066