Our Values

Inspire, support and advise. Together with you, we will create a home, where dreams turn into unforgettable moments.

Homes which reflect creativity, peace of mind and personality. Homes where one can relax, bustle about, settle down and surprise. Homes where one can enjoy every day. Kitchen, wardrobe, and bathroom which are tailored to order according to your vision.

AUNMAN is a representative brand of the furniture manufacturer Baltest group and a family-owned business that manufactures exclusive furniture with unique tailor-made solutions. We are the only furniture group in Estonia, where for over 12 years all steps of the process have been completely controlled – from drawings and samples of materials, measurements, and production all the way to delivery and installation.

The AUNMAN furniture-creation experience is made unique by the availability of a personal account manager, real-time progress tracking, and a completion process that ends with quality control. We offer endless choices for creating your dream home.
Come and share your dreams and ideas with us.

Peace of mind

Time is a luxury that we value when taking care of ourselves and our loved ones by creating an environment with high quality of life and peace of mind. Home is where we celebrate our big and small victories, where we support one another, listen and share. Ideal interior design helps you focus on these crucial moments. Our furniture studio brings together 12 years of local family-business experience and skills to create efficient and time-saving kitchens, wardrobes and bathrooms.


As Picasso once said, “Everything you can imagine is real”. Creativity is the force that carries us forward, opens up new paths, inspires us to discover and invent. Our goal is to pleasantly surprise. By combining your dreams, creativity, best materials and products, we create a home that brings together tradition and cutting-edge technology.


Your home reflects your personality. Truly unique solutions are always personalised. That is why in each of our projects we implement a nine-step approach developed by Aunman. We go over every detail so that your personality shines through the final product. First-rate customer service is based on a personal account manager who is responsible for the smooth running of the entire project.